History of StressTyp2

This database, called StressTyp2 (ST2), merges the information from the StressTyp (ST) database, constructed de novo by Harry van der Hulst and Rob Goedemans in the early 1990s and continually updated since (Goedemans et al. 1996; Goedemans and van der Hulst 2009, 2010), and the Stress Pattern Database (SPD), constructed by Jeffrey Heinz (Heinz 2007) which is based on the Stress System Database (SSD), developed by Todd Bailey (Bailey 1995) as well as additional materials, notably data collections compiled by Larry Hyman (Hyman 1977) and Matt Gordon (Gordon 2002). StressTyp2 contains information on over 750 distinct languages, with nearly every language family represented.