ST2 Archives

About the archives

Each archive is a gzipped tar file which contains the following items.

  • Information about how to cite the archive.
  • Information about the Creative Commons At tribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, which licenses this work.
  • A pdf file documenting the StressTyp2 database.
  • A folder titled "queries" which contains commonly-used queries that users can easily modify for their own purposes.
  • A folder titled "transducers" which containts the finite-state machines, in multiple file formats, that characterize the in_toto patterns presently in the database.
  • A sql file which contains the information in the database itself.

While the database that the website relies on is dynamic and changes over time, the archives are static snapshots. Researchers planning to publish research results which rely on StressTyp2 are encouraged to download and use an archive so that future researchers can replicate reported results. While some knowledge of MySQL is essential to using the archives, there are plenty of online resources that can get one started.

Version 1. April 2015

Goedemans, R.W., Jeffrey Heinz, and Harry van der Hulst. StressTyp2, version 1.  Web download archive. April 2015.